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10th-Oct-2008 02:36 pm(no subject)
Scream if you wanna go faster baby!! Best friend is coming up for the weekend! She will be here at 6:20!!! I am so super excited!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


That is all.
3rd-Sep-2008 02:20 pm - First few days of classes
Well, I have had all of my classes at least once. I HATE online classes with a passion, but it's either an online class or actual public speaking, of which I detest more so I will do the online class. I have 2 psyc classes: Social and Perception. I like both of them, but the Social class is at 8am, not bad except my teacher likes to have the lights dim, so it's a little hard to be awake when the lights are dimmed. I am also taking a Shakespeare's Comedies and Histories class and it's Tuesday nights 6-9:30, right after work. It's not a bad schedule all and all. I am still reading "A Tale of Two Cities" on my way to and from class, cause I love that book and everybody should read it multiple times. I don't get to take a history class this quarter, so that is a little disappointing, but after taking 16 history classes here maybe it's a good thing I can't take anymore. But it still makes me a little sad.

I have decided that I am going to have a FANTASTIC last quarter at RIT with all my friends. I need to see some of them a little more often, but that will get all figured out when everyone settles into their schedules.
10th-Aug-2008 10:16 pm - X-Files weirdness
X-Files Almost kiss
So, here is a story about a girl and her father. In 1998 the first X-Files movie "Fight the Future" was in theaters. The girl wanted to take her father to see a movie for father's day, and even though neither the father nor the girl watched X-Files they went to see this movie. They both enjoyed the movie very much.
Spoilers if you haven't seen the first X-Files movieCollapse )
On the way home from the movie the girl and her father were stopped at a train crossing. While sitting in the line of traffic waiting, the girl noticed that one of the train cars had an unmarked tank on it, the father then pointed out, as the caboose passed them, that a car was following along behind the train.
Cut to today.
The same girl and her father, because tradition dictated it in the past they had to go see the new X-Files movie "I Want to Believe"
Don't bother continuing to read this if you don't want to be spoiled/haven't seen the new X-Files movie.Collapse )
The girl and her father had gone to the same theater to see the second movie as they had the first, so of course they drive over the same railroad tracks. As they do so, the father jokes by saying "Look and unmarked tanker car." The girl laughs and is looking a head as two cars are heading in their direction on the other side of the road. As the two cars pass, directly in front of the car that the father and the girl are in passes a dog, a big dog. A dog that appeared to have crossed the road but the two cars that had just driven by the girl and her father did not seem to have seen.

This is all true. How do I know it's true you may ask? I am the girl in the story. I even made a new icon to help tell my story.
5th-Aug-2008 02:28 pm - Complaints
English Language
Hello! Still working on getting interwebs in my room. Don't think it's going to happen before I go back to school. I will be returning to RIT on the 25th!!!

I went to the mideval faire this weekend. It was a ton of fun! I wanted to put pictures in, but the interwebs aren't letting me up load. FAIIIIIL....

I miss being around a ton of people all the time. Home is super boring. I miss everyone so much.

Still hate my work place, but my last day there EVER is the 13th. I will be getting stuff together for the Nanny school after that, it's a bunch of running around, getting papers signed and prove that I am not a mass murder or something. Oh wells.

Cannot wait to be back at RIT, I want to be around people and I would very much like to have the use of fast interwebs again, cause this is sucky.

Okay, got that out of my system. Haven't been on the interwebs/posting on here in a while, so I stole interwebs from my moms computer so I could post about my first ever con!!! Woo! It was scary how well I fit in there, with everyone and they were all so friendly. Jen and I even made a couple of one-day-con friends! (HELLO!) I actually felt out of place because I wasn't wearing anything that was related to sci-fi shows. Except my TARDIS Key that I always wear, but most people don't recognize it as that, even at the con... *tear* But I did buy a Doctor Who shirt... and two figurines (9 and 10) and the sonic screwdriver and sonic pen set. sigh.

Did I mention I met John Barrowman?!?! Cause I did!!!!!!BARROWMANCollapse )

So we (Jen and myself) went to Gareth's talks on Saturday and Sunday. I was the only one brave enough to ask questions. I don't remember what I asked on Saturday (if anyone does, could you tell me...) but on Sunday I asked What he thinks about wearing all the pink (he doesn't mind) how he likes wearing the suits all the time (First few months were awkward) If he could turn anything sonic what would it be (his lighter or his wallet) and what his favorite color is (black, though it's not really a color so he said red or purple.)

John Barrowman! I met him!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEE
Sorry, I have Barrowman!Tourettes....BARROWMANCollapse )

So, on Sunday Jess and Katie went to the ball game. Jen and I didn't have anything to do, so we hung out at the CBC for 4 hours and planned to BEG for tickets to "Maria" so we could see John. And thanks to some pretty amazing people that we met in the lobby, all 4 of us got tickets and got to see the amazing John Barrowman. BARROWMAN! Anyway, the show tapping was good. (If you can vote in the competition, vote for Donna! She's amazing)So after the show, we took off to the other side of the area and tried to catch John, but he has dissapeared, so Katie asked the host of the show if there was anyway that we could meet John because we had driven 7 hours to meet him (well, I had anyway) so he said he would get someone to help us. Eventually the producer of the show came over and said that she was going to help us. We ended up in the back area by the service area. The girl that found him for us was talking to him and we couldn't hear what she was saying, but he BARROWMANCollapse ) was really loud and we heard him say "What? Are you insane?" and I looked at him and said "Yes..." cause I was the one that drove from Ohio to meet him... So, we got pictures and autograpghs and I will never forget that the lead in "Chorus Line" is named "Kassie" cause he told me. (though it's probably spelled "Cassie" cause they suck) So I went over and thanked his parents cause we were taking time away from their son. They were soooooo incredibly nice. I wanted to thank them for giving birth to John, but I thought it would be weird. Anyway, they had to leave, and so did we, so Katie called me to come back over and I only partly heard her and John BARROWMANCollapse ) said "Kassie, Kassie, Kassie!!" My knees melted and I stopped breathing (again) I ended up using my inhaler in the elevator.
PiCtUrEsCollapse )

Woo! So it was an amazing weekend. I left Rochester at 10 til 7 this morning, landed in my house at 11:53, showered, ate breakfast and was at work at 1.

WorkCollapse )

That's all for now. I will do a post later explaining my absence from the interwebs. And when that post happens I will hopefully be connected to the interwebs full time again.
4th-Jun-2008 12:18 am(no subject)
eye roll
Did running around today, picked up stuff for the party for my mom and dropped it off at my grandpa's. I am really excited about this, I think we might actually pull off surprising her!! Which would be fantastic!!

I just reread Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Just as good as I remember it. *sigh* much love for Mr. HP.

Lots of cleaning to do tomorrow, though I have a sick idea for a macro swimming around in my head that I just might have to do in the midst of cleaning. Dunno, definatly going to have to do it though, it's to stupid not to share with the world.

Yay for Obama! I watched his speech on MSNBC (I HATE those news stations though, they drive me crazy) anyway, I enjoyed his tie. I am really tired now, so that's the most I have to say about it, I can't really concentrate, I will probably find it and rewatch it tomorrow.

For now, bed, cause there is nothing else to do. I hate being stuck at home. I need to start work so the summer goes by quicker.
2nd-Jun-2008 09:23 pm - Summer = boring.
Hannibal Owen
UUUUGH! Work doesn't start for 2 weeks. I have camp next week, but I have bored myself to death. I need to clean out the second closet in my room, but I just keep putting it off. It's full of all my brothers crap from when the room I am in used to be his. Kid stuff, but it's PACKED to the brim, I mean I have trouble closing the damn door. And I'm the one that has to clean it out. Not happy.

Right now my Papi is sitting next to me at his computer being totally incompetent about how things work. I love him, but he's an idiot when it comes to computers. Indian's game is on, but we have no sound on the channel it's on, so all I have to listen to is him swearing.

I need to procure ALL of The Beatles from somewhere(one?) I have a lot of their not so popular songs, but I realized that I don't have their popular songs, like Hey Jude (my favorite song)

I think I should go clean, even though it's night, I slept in until almost 11 today, which is impressive for me. Tomorrow I am going to do running around for my Papi getting stuff for my mom's surprise 50th birthday party in a couple of weeks.
1st-Jun-2008 08:27 pm - The Silence in the Library
English Language
Got sunburn from planting my gardens all morning (I'll get some pictures up later, it's still not done :-/) My mum finally gave me my income tax refund today. $292.00, most I have ever gotten. I also got my stimulus check. $7.00. Woooooo that'll buy me 2 gallons of gas! YAY! Haha. Just to be a prick though, I am putting my stimulus check in my savings account. Onto Doctor Who!

The Silence in the LibraryCollapse )

So I thought the camp I was going to be a counselor for started tomorrow, but it doesn't start until next week, so that gives me another week to clean out the second closet in my room. Joy. So tired of cleaning, but I almost have a real room again, considering it has been left unchecked for about 4 years. If I am going to be living here for longer than 3 months, I need to have a real bedroom. Perhaps with a desk (of my brother ever fixes the damn wireless in the effing house.) Oh well. Done ranting now.
Jack+Ianto+Ten= JANTEN
Have you ever named or befriended an inanimate object? What did you call it?

I name everything. My computer's name is Milton (after the character in Office Space) my camera's name is Dimitri (don't know why...) my car's name is Daniel (after Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG-1) one of my plants is named Seymore (After Little Shop of Horrors guy) and my other plant is named Owen (after Owen because of his Ficus-friends) I'm sure there are other things that I have named, I just can't think of them right now.
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